• 2017 In The UK Water Industry So Far

    2017 in UK water industry
    Posted on by Watershed Issues Team

    We’re only one month into 2017, and yet there have already been many developments, announcements and reports published which will have a huge impact on the UK water industry – amidst much speculation for what they will mean for the future. Here, we signpost you to the latest news and views in the UK water industry.

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  • The double-edged sword of £23bn investment in infrastructure

    Tom Grand Headshot Achilles Risk Management
    Posted on by Tom Grand

    Tom Grand, Regional Director in the UKI for Achilles, a leading supplier of risk management services, explores the risk and opportunity for the utilities sector, in a complex political climate.

    It’s not every day that a £23bn in new infrastructure could be viewed as a ‘double-edged sword’, but that’s the exact situation facing the utilities sector. Because the potential ‘bonanza’ of opportunities unveiled by chancellor Philip Hammond in his Autumn statement also brings a higher level of risk for contractors seeking a share of the prize.

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  • Ofwat on the Open Water Programme

    Posted on by Helen Robinson-Gordon

    Helen Robinson-Gordon, Head of Communications for Retail Market Opening at Ofwat, discusses the Open Water Programme, which will offer non-household customers a choice of supplier and access to tailored packages.

    As we head through the autumn, the English and Welsh water companies have embarked on a significant step in a process that should see evolutionary, possibly, some would say, revolutionary change to the industry. You will be forgiven for not necessarily knowing much about it

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  • Protect Against Growing UK Drought Risk

    Headshot of Sarah Mukherjee, Director of Environment for Water UK
    Posted on by Sarah Mukherjee

    Sarah Mukherjee, director of environment for Water UK, states that the country needs an effective response to combat a significant and growing risk of drought in England and Wales.

    New research published by the water industry suggests that we could face longer, more frequent and more acute droughts than previously thought.

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  • How much water goes into making a cup of tea?

    Carbon Trust Dr John Kazer
    Posted on by Dr John Kazer

    The Carbon Trust’s Dr John Kazer explores the importance of product water footprinting for businesses.

    So how much water goes into a cup of tea? Somewhere around 30 litres of water is required for tea itself, 10 litres for a small dash of milk and a further 6 litres for each teaspoon of sugar. This means that a simple cup of tea with milk and two sugars could actually require 52 litres of water – enough to fill my kettle more than 30 times.

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  • Revealed: The worst place in the world to go to the toilet

    India toilet queue WaterAid
    Posted on by Watershed Issues Team

    Where in the world would you have to search hardest if you wanted to ‘spend a penny’?

    Where would the queue for the loo stretch to the moon and beyond?

    Which developed nations are most crap at providing toilets for everyone?

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  • Please Mind The Gap…

    Posted on by Mark Esling

    Mark Esling – Business Development Director, Saint-Gobain PAM

    A report published by design, engineering and project management consultancy, Atkins, is predicting that UK infrastructure projects, including water, could face higher costs, delays or poor decision making and project delivery as the result of a serious skills shortage.

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