• A good news story on plastics and water…?

    Beach strewn with plastic pollution
    Posted on by Watershed Issues Team

    There are a lot of negative stories out there on plastics – their overuse, their inherent unsustainability, their impact on the environment affecting water quality, posing a threat to both marine life and human health…

    And rightly so; it’s estimated that more than 8m tonnes of plastic ends up in the oceans each year, and their ill-effects are undeniable. The UN has moved to make sanctions on the use of products in disposable and short-lifespan products, while the UK environment secretary has pledged to take action.

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  • Water issues in peri-urban areas

    Spitalgate Heath Garden Village
    Posted on by Dr Vanessa Speight

    Dr Vanessa Speight, Managing Director of TWENTY65, Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Sheffield, talks about the opportunities and challenges of water management in expanding cities.

    I have been attending the 2017 Peri-Urban Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, this week. Peri-urban is loosely defined as the areas outside of formal cities or urban areas, also sometimes referred to as the outskirts, hinterland, or interface between town and country. Although often considered a problem primarily for developing countries, the issues related to expansion of cities and how their water needs can be met are actually universal.

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  • One Problem, Two Cities

    Isle Group logo
    Posted on by Piers Clark

    Piers Clark, Chairman of Isle Group, kindly shares an article with Watershed Issues…

    Over the years I have been to enough conferences to know that when an important government minister takes to the podium the audience is in for a fairly dull 20 minutes. No one is going to learn very much, although everyone will be respectful and clap at the end as the minister scuttles from the room with the feeble excuse of having another pressing engagement (while everyone actually knows their hasty departure is to avoid answering difficult questions). Somewhat depressingly, it is a universal truth that the more senior the minister, the less informed they will be, and the faster they will scuttle.

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  • PODCAST | Sustainability in the Water Industry Supply Chain: Episode 3

    Posted on by Watershed Issues Team

    In this, the third episode of the Sustainability in the Water Industry Supply Chain Podcast, we ask our industry panel from Anglian Water, Skanska, Saint- Gobain PAM, Achilles and the Knowledge Transfer Network to consider how innovation can make a difference to sustainability.

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  • PODCAST | Sustainability in the Water Industry Supply Chain: Episode 2

    Posted on by Watershed Issues Team

    In the second episode of the seven podcast-series, the panel is asked how they measure sustainability – both their own , and that of their supply chain.

    Dave Spencer is facilitating; Peter Scanlon, Sustainability Manager for Skanska; Tom Moody, Supply Chain Manager for Anglian Water; Paul Thompson, Marketing and Product Manager for Saint-Gobain PAM UK; Tom Grand, Regional Director in the UK for Achilles Information Ltd; Jonathan Abra from the Knowledge Transfer Network.

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  • Vlog: Engage The Supply Chain To Drive Sustainability In UK Water

    Peter Scanlon Skanska Sustainability Manager
    Posted on by Watershed Issues Team

    Peter Scanlon, Sustainability Manager at Skanska, talks about the importance of engaging with the supply chain when driving sustainability initiatives within the water industry, and best practices for doing so.

    This interview followed Peter’s participation in an industry-wide discussion exploring how to achieve sustainability through the supply chain.

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  • The IWA’s Principles for Water Wise Cities: Developing a Shared Water Vision

    Head and shoulders image of Corinne Trommsdorff from the International Water Association
    Posted on by Corinne Trommsdorff

    The Cities of the Future agenda harnesses the power of the IWA network to co-create solutions, and join efforts to manage a city’s many waters in a sustainable and resilient manner. This approach is endorsed by the IWA Principles for Water Wise Cities’. The Principles document has been put together as an outcome of the action agenda of the 7th World Water Forum in order to spread widely the vision of what sustainable urban water management is, and to prepare discussion at the 8th World Water Forum to focus on how to get this vision implemented. The 8th World Water Forum is due to take place in Brazil in 2018. Corinne Trommsdorff, Programme Manager of Cities of the Future, part of the International Water Association (IWA), explains more…

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