• Water issues in peri-urban areas

    Spitalgate Heath Garden Village
    Posted on by Dr Vanessa Speight

    Dr Vanessa Speight, Managing Director of TWENTY65, Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Sheffield, talks about the opportunities and challenges of water management in expanding cities.

    I have been attending the 2017 Peri-Urban Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, this week. Peri-urban is loosely defined as the areas outside of formal cities or urban areas, also sometimes referred to as the outskirts, hinterland, or interface between town and country. Although often considered a problem primarily for developing countries, the issues related to expansion of cities and how their water needs can be met are actually universal.

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  • How Can Pipelines Help To Build Resilience?

    Posted on by Mark Esling

    Resilience. We’re hearing more and more about this subject in the water and wastewater sector. It has become a priority issue, and this is hardly surprising when one considers the pressure that climate change and population growth are exerting.

    Already the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs has published  ‘Enabling Resilience in the Water Sector’ – its roadmap to enhancing its policy framework; The Environment Agency has its analysis of the long-term resilience of water supplies in England; Ofwat is evolving its regulatory framework in line with its new duty to further the long-term resilience of the water sector; and Water UK is establishing a Water and Wastewater Resilience Action Group.

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